• Legal aspects and requirements
• Types of electronic charts
• ECDIS data
• Presentation of ECDIS data
• Sensors
• Basic navigational functions and settings
• Specific functions for route planning
• Specific functions for reute monitoring
• Chart Updates
• Potential errors of interpretation and displayed data
• Status indications, indicators and alarms
• Documentation
• Risk of overreliance

Masters, officers in charge of navigational watch, Superintendents, Pilots

• Operation of ECDIS equipment including type specific Wärtsilä-SAM Electronics ECDIS
• Use of navigational functions of ECDIS
• ECDIS data and its presentation
• System related limitations and risks
• Advanced voyage planning and monitoring
• Analysis of chart and sensor alarms
• Sensor limitations and its impact on the safe use of ECDIS
• Overreliance on ECDIS
• Essential legal aspect for the use of ECDIS

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